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Our Mission

Catalyzing the creation of an AtmaNirbhar Bharat by investing and building our youth for the 'in-demand' skills


FocSkill stands for ‘focus on skills’.

If we closely look at the global trends, we would observe a dramatic shift in the nature of work, and the emerging demand for skills across industries. A degree from a prestigious institute also leaves an individual behind if he/she lacks job-specific skills, or even cognitive, socio-emotional, technical and digital skills. 

If, at this point, we can leverage our education to include not just job-specific training but training focussed on comprehensive set of skills, this will contribute to a structural transformation – employment for more youth which in turn, would lead India on the path to becoming economically sound.

In line with the Government of India’s vision to make each person ‘atmanirbhar‘ or globally employable, FocSkill’s mission is to cater to the global workforce demand by actively pursuing partnerships with governments, businesses, and academic institutions with the aim of

• Upskilling the existing workforce with skills-on-demand leading to an expansion in their existing competencies
• Empowering the upcoming workforce to be skill ready i.e,. job ready while promoting global mobility
• Spearheading the demand and supply of the job market for both – the job seeker and the job provider

FocSkill aspires to be the preferred partner for sourcing, training, and skill development of the workforce, catering to the human capital and up-skilling needs for companies across different industries.